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Rules of Behavior on forums
(Last revision: April 5th, 2009)
* Introduction
* Forum
* Warning System
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* Advertising
* Contributions

Thank you for visiting Forum Rules section of our web site. The information provided here is written in English and the rules are in effect as soon as the information is published. Visitors of the web site are totally responsible for reading this information. in his turn is not responsible for their abilities to understand the content of this page.

If you came to this site to download copyrighted material or looking for braindumps, then this web site is not for you.. has been developed to unite IT community all over the world to help them share knowledge and technical experience, discuss various technical issues and learn from each other. The web site is totally free and will continue to be free. Most of our members are experienced IT professionals who will gladly answer your technical questions and will advice you on best practices. Please use their knowledge and experience wisely. For this communication we have created an IT forum.

For protection and security reasons may keep your information such as IP address, time of visit and OS version. (This information is sent by your browser every time you visit our web site). If you find potential security vulnerabilities in web site, please let us know the details, clearly mentioning the exact steps that you took to discover. However we do not welcome the activities which intend to find such vulnerabilities. If we find that your actions were dangerous, we may terminate your access to our site permanently by blocking your IP range and removing all related accounts. Any such tests are disallowed. There is no need to publicly announce the vulnerabilities and bugs, please contact Moderators of the forum or Administrator of the site.
may restrict your access to the web site without any prior warnings, in case if you perform any actions that affect in a negative way including but not limited to:
1. Attempts to discover potential security holes in including but not limited to scanning, DDoS attacks, password cracking, malicious hacking or generating unnecessary traffic.
2. Advertising other web sites anywhere on without owner's permission. This includes advertising via personal message, emailing members and posting on the board
3. Use of bad language, provoke or intentionally offend members of team and other web site visitors.
4. Posting abusive or offensive content such as pornography, promoting violence, hate, terrorism, racism and other means of indecent actions.


There are some simple rules that you need to follow to avoid any issues with moderators and administrators:

  1. Post your messages in the correct forum. Only if there is no related forum, you can put your post in the GENERAL section or to OFFTOPIC if it is not IT related. Moderators have rights to remove your topics and assign warnings if your topic is not related to the forum.
  2. Keep your answers relevant to the topic in question when you reply to a post. Otherwise, open a new topic.
  3. Do not flood the forum. Post your message only one time. There is no need to create multiple topics with the same content. The same rule applies to the replies. If we find that you posted same messages across the forum, we reserve the right to wipe all your posts from the forum to avoid wasting our time for clean up. Access to your account will be restricted.
  4. Do not post simple meaningless messages. The examples of meaningless messages are: “Thanks”, “congrats”, “I agree/disagree”, "What's next", "It's a good idea", etc. Be more specific on what you think and share your ideas, views and experiences.
  5. Please do not send messages to the support team with such requests as : “Please help me download….”, “How can I download?”, “Please send me…”. We are not a Pizza delivery service and we are not the right instructors to teach you if you cannot read or understand rules and FAQ.
  6. All your opinions, suggestions and questions about how operates can be addressed in “Comments about” forum.
  7. Members who wish to communicate in languages other than English, can do so in the International Forum. Responses will typically be limited to members who understand your language. Non-english posts in any other sections is a strict "No-no". If members violate this rule excessively, moderators will raise their warning level or restrict access to the board.
  8. Respect other members views and opinions even if you do not agree with them. Do not insult members of the forum. Be nice. If you were insulted by any forum member, please contact the moderators to edit the post and take proper actions.
  9. Select a proper nickname for yourself and decent avatars if you decide to put one. Your account will be removed if it confuses others, contains bad words or anyhow makes others feel uncomfortable. If during registration you made a mistake in your display name , you can change it immediately on page.
  10. Select a proper topic title for your newly created thread. The title should represent the relevance to the forum it is posted in and be clear to other members, so that they know what the topic is about before they open it. We do not expect perfect english on the forum, but please try to avoid grammar mistakes in titles. If you do not know how to spell a word, please use a dictionary.
  11. No advertising in signatures unless authorized by Administrator. Any links to external web sites (passive or active, your own or others) will be considered as unauthorized advertising attempt and rules violation. Only approved members may authorize. Authorized members have a note in their signature that the advertising has been approved. Marking signature as authorized without approval is considered as offence and access to your account can be restricted permanently
  12. There is no need to post articles or news from other web sites, instead please provide a link to the resource with comments. IT Certification News forum is an exception.
  13. Requesting and posting links to copyrighted material, warez, cracks, viruses and any other illegal or dangerous software is prohibited on Subject to a permanent ban.
  14. Discussing braindumps, posting links to braindumps on the board, or publishing exact questions from exams is prohibited.
  15. Posting links to scam sites, web sites that meant to collect money or in some way gain profit from visits including refferal links with refferal IDs. For advertising opportunities refer to advertising section or discuss with administrator.

Once again, moderators may remove your post if you break these rules. If you continue to do so, you may be restricted from accessing the forum. Before posting your question, search the forum for information that you are looking for. The topic may already have been discussed.

Some forums do not count your posts. At the time of writing the rules, these are:
* Comments about
* IT Certification News under General IT
* IT News under General IT
* OFF TOPIC and all its subforums
Do not be surprised that your post count remains the same irrespective of how many posts you make in these forums.

* Post of the Month Award
This award has been introduced in recognition of posts within the Sadikhov forum that are felt to have excelled with regard to their contents being uniquely informative, descriptive, or instructional. For details please refer to the following thread on the forum Post of the Month

* The titles
Upon increasing the number of your posts, you will be given the following titles and ranks:
Newbie - 0 Minimum Posts, 1 Pip
Member - 50 Minimum Posts, 2 Pips
Advanced Member - 150 Minimum Posts, 3 Pips
Super Member - 500 Minimum Posts, 4 Pips
V.I.P. Member - 1000 Minimum Posts, 5 Pips
Honorary members, Moderators and VIP members, can customize their titles.

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Warning System
Warning system is a feature of the board for the moderators to keep track of offensive, bad or spamming posters. The scale varies from 0 to 3, with 0 as a default. There is no certain rules for what reasons and what level of warning you may get penalized, because moderators will use warning system at their own discretion, however if you notice that you've been unfairly punished, please contact the admin with your complaint for review. Moderators have to state a reason for what you have been warned or decreased in warning. Normaly, those members who post along the guidelines of the rules will have no impact. All members can observe their warning status and the reasons in their statistics profiles.

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Support Team
* Web site administrator
That's me- FS, in this paragraph I will introduce myself briefly. Here on the site, I will refer myself as Admin or administrator. I am the founder of and web sites. I manage the web sites as well as the forum. Keeping this web site running is not an easy task. Thanks to our members who contribute with their ideas and support. is not my primary work. I have a job in a company just like most of you have, which takes my whole day. I have only weekends to work on the web site, but sometimes like all normal people I take vacations. I have a very limited time, so do not expect a prompt reply from me. Nevertheless I try visiting the forum everyday and read new posts, however it is impossible for me to read all of them as the quantity of posts is relatively large. That is why we have moderators. I am not a native English speaker, so kindly forgive my grammar and vocabulary mistakes. I fully understand English and Russian and a little bit of Turkish and German. You can write me or PM me in one of these languages; however expect my responses only in English. Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues except:
  1. Those answered on this page. It took me hours to write this page for you, so I assume my efforts deserve your 5 minutes attention to read this page. I don't like those who do not like to read the instructions and I will not repeat anything several times.
  2. Sending you files: I will not send you files even if you are about to fail your exam without it. Plan your exam using your brains. If you need the files that badly, then you have a lot of options to get it. Use Google, PM forum members to help you, buy a book from an official web site or finally reschedule your exam.
  3. Helping you to register on the forum. If you are an IT professional or want to become one, then you should be able to use simple logic to register on the forum. Personally, I am yet to explore all the features of the forum.
I simply ignore similar messages by deleting them, so there is no need to waste both your and our time. The best way to contact me is PM. When contacting me, please list all details of the problem: your userid and password if needed, time when it happened, the actions that you perform, the exact error message that you see, etc. If I do not get enough details of your problem I will not look into it or ask you for additional information. Before reporting your issues, try to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Make sure your troubleshooting actions do not harm I try to handle all requests as soon as I can, but please give me at least 2 weekends before I answer your question.

* Moderators
We have few outstanding members of our community who help running the forum by keeping it clean and growing. They are moderators. Moderators monitor all the posts on the forum. They have a right to change, remove, close and pin the posts. They are smart and know a lot about They will be able to help you in many ways. Please refer to any moderator on the forum to resolve your issue. The moderators have a global coverage which means that they can moderate all forums on the board. So if you found a post that needs moderator's attention, the best thing to do is to use "! Report" button on the bottom-left hand corner of the post, the message will be sent to the proper moderator for review.
can warn you if they think that you violated the rules. Please see the paragraph about warnings for details. They can remove or change your posts by your request. If you have any issues with moderators and you think they abuse their rights, please let the admin know about it as soon as possible, do not indulge in an argument with them, although this is least likely to happen.

* Honorary Members
Honorary members have fewer privileges than moderators, but more than regular forum members. Their opinion is treated the same as moderators' opinion. Honorary members are trusted members and have achieved this level by their outstanding personality and hard work demonstrated on They know the rules, they know the policy, and they also moderate a few forums. Moderators and honorary members may recommend other members to be promoted to Honorary member or Moderator status. If you really want to become one, the only requirement is - we have to like you, trust you and be sure that you can be a part of the team.

* Technical Experts
We have nominated a group of technical experts whose task to provide valuable technical advise to other members of the forum. The full list of technical experts can be found here . Any member with a good history on and rich technical experience can apply for this status in a relevant topic in Comments about forum.

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Unauthorized advertising or promotion by members is prohibited on the forum. All advertising requests should be sent to the web site administrator for approval. Failure to follow these rules will lead to member's account termination and restriction for further site visits. Currently offers advertising packages. More detailed information can be found on Advertising on

* Posting Links to other web sites
The forum must not be turned into an advertising board. This won't be allowed to happen. Usually links to software and useful study material can be posted, however if linked with the software, it should not carry any danger to users. If the link points to harmful software, this link will be removed as well. The majority of your links will be removed from the forum if you do not follow these rules, please do not post them there if they are not related to the conversation.strong>Keep all links passive - non clickable. It is found easy to use [CODE] tag on the forum for this purpose. In most cases your links will automatically become passive once posted, however if it has not happened, then use the procedure above to format them..

* Where to publish links to my web sites?
The place for certification links is here: We only select those links which will be most of the interest to the visitors. The links are free and do not require any registration procedure, neither for accessing nor adding. Please make sure you follow the mentioned criteria before posting links on the links page.
If you own a certification web site, you may register it on our Top Sites list.

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If you want to contribute to web site, you can do one of the following:
1. Take active participation in the forum and help the community members.
2. Link to from your web site.
3. Tell your friends about if you think they might be interested to join our community.

We do not gather donations from our visitors, as the funds from advertisers are enough to cover our hosting and other expenses to run the web site.

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