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Frequently Asked Questions
(Last revision: April 5th, 2009)
* Registration questions
* Postng questions
* Other questions
* Abbreviations used on the site
Registration Questions
Q. Can you register me on the forum?
A. No. You should create an account for yourself.

Q. I get this error message when I register on the forum:
“The email address you used is not accepted by this board. Please select a different email address.”
A. To protect our board from spammers, we have disabled registrations from free public email services. You may use any non-public email service, for example your corporate email address or any email address which was assigned to you by your communications provider which is not available for public registrations.

Q. I have registered on the forum, but I have not received a validation email to confirm my account registration.
A1. Please make sure your spam filtering software is not causing these delays. Some email systems are protected with manual email verifications by senders to confirm that the message is not spam (e.g. “My spam filter requires verification of your email address”). Our board sends account validation emails automatically and is not capable to complete these intellectual types of confirmations for you, therefore you need to make sure your email system is free from any intellectual verifications.
A2. You could possibly mistyped your email address during registration, even though it seems like least likely to happen, we have noticed quite a few cases when this was a reason.

Q. I have received a validation email, but when I click the link, it does not work.
A1. You have 3 days to confirm your account registration. After 3 days, you need to register again as your record has been purged.
A2. You might have already confirmed the registration and all you need to do is just simply log on with your details.
A3. Please make sure your IP address is not in our Banned IP list.

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Posting Questions
Q. I cannot post.
A1. You may not have necessary rights to perform this action. Please make sure you have completed the registration procedure and your account has been validated by email
A2. Please make sure moderators did not suspend your account. Suspensions can be temporary or permanent depending on the level of violations that you have done. All rules are explained on Rules page and should be read before participating on the forum to avoid restrictions.
A3. Your IP address may appear in the banned IP list, which prevents you to use the board.

Q. I cannot create a new topic or reply in a specific forum.
A. Please make sure the forum you are posting to is not read-only. Read-only forums are usually marked with a reddish icon. Some forums do not allow replies. Please read forum description to determine if that’s the case.

Q. I have posted a message or created a topic, but it did not appear.
A. Some forums are moderated by forum administrator to prevent spam. Please allow 24-48 hours for the posts to be approved. Once your post is approved, it will then show up.

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Other Questions
Q. I would like to change my username on the forum.
A. After continuous participation, as time goes by, your nickname reputation is built and changing your username may create confusion for others especially if you were refered by your username in the posts. Reading such posts breaks a chain of sense. Therefore only newbies with less than 50 posts can do this on page. Please think ahead before choosing a nickname.

Q. I think my IP address has been banned. What do I do?
A. Please navigate your browser to page to confirm if your IP address falls in to the blocked ranges. If that is the case, then it means that either you or someone from your IP pool has severely violated the rules of and therefore has been permanently restricted from posting on the board. Usually we have to take measures against heavy spammers by banning IP ranges. Unfortunately due to security reasons there is nothing can be done to unblock your IP range as it will permit all the violators back to the forum. We cannot take this risks and hopefully you understand why. What we would advice you to do is to try using connections from other ISPs which use different IP addresses pool.

Q. Why are there less registered members in statistics than the number counting member IDs on the forum?

A. From time to time inactive members get removed from the system which results the member counter be different from the actual members number.

Q. If the admin is user number 2,then who is the user number 1?
A Default account on the forum which was disabled for security reasons.

Q. What does term "Sadikhov" stand for?
A. Founder's lastname.

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Abbreviations used on the site

Admin - Administrator
Mod - Moderator
HM - Honorary Member
TE - Technical Experts
PM - Personal Message (member to member(s) messaging system on the forum)
SK - web site
[websitebanned] - The web site has been banned for various violations activities
FS - This is not an abbreviation, this is not name initials, this is SK admin's username

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